EIA - Emi International Arts

EIA was founded in 2000 by Emi Hariyama, a Japanese-born ballerina and graduate of Moscow’s prestigious Bolshoi Ballet. Emi Hariyama’s international professional experience as a dancer in several renowned international ballet companies, a teacher, choreographer, producer, competition judge, concert organizer, cultural ambassador, writer, lecturer, actress, and model, clothing designer, provides an interdisciplinary and intercultural expertise which forms the basis of EIA.

EIA is an arts consultancy providing expert advice and support with Performance and Event Production, organization of Exhibitions, Concerts, Competitions and Workshops, an Artist Residency, as well as professional assistance with International Auditions and Competitions, and advice for dancers and artists wishing to Study or Work Abroad.

Drawing on her professional expertise and broad network of international arts professionals across diverse cultures and disciplines, Emi Hariyama makes EIA the gateway between Europe, America, Russia, and Japan for arts and culture. Serving as a bridge between cultures, EIA aims to provide a stage across diverse disciplines for international artists to perform in Japan, and Japanese artists to work internationally.